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Replace your home’s current furnace with a functional, high-quality heating system with the help of Francis Home Environment’s expert and experienced HVAC team to keep you and your loved ones warm all winter long!

Ever since 1933, the Francis Home Environment team has been partnering with homeowners in Clarence, Ontario, and the nearby towns to provide them with high-quality heating strategies that are tailored to their specific needs. Irrespective of the nature or scope of the job, homeowners can rest assured that their residence is in capable hands with our crew.

Francis Home Environment is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! We don’t charge extra for work completed after normal working hours, on weekends, or on holidays! Besides that, if your heating system goes out during a cold period, our skilled HVAC technicians can set up a brand-new unit the same day or the next day to accommodate your specific requirements. Furthermore, if you want to save money buying an entirely new furnace, please reach out to us to learn more about the wonderful specials and promotions we have going on!

Are you prepared to improve your home’s comfort? Call or use our online booking system to speak with one of our pleasant team members! All initial consultation appointments are free of charge! We are excited to collaborate with you!


If you have never had a new furnace installed in your home, we understand that you may be curious as to what will happen during the day of your appointment. As such, the team at Francis Home Environment has put together a step-by-step process so you have a better idea about what tasks will take place throughout the day. Here is a closer look:

  1. Our technicians will arrive at your home during your scheduled appointment time.
  2. They will carefully set up their work area in your furnace room and lay tarps down along your home to ensure no damage is caused while they move in and out.
  3. Once their workspace is set up, our team of technicians will carefully shut off all fuel and electrical components before disconnecting your previous furnace entirely from your home.
  4. Afterward, our team of HVAC technicians will transport your old furnace equipment to the outside of your property so you can properly dispose of it while ensuring no damage is caused to your walls or floors.
  5. They will then head back inside to your furnace room and clean the area where your previous furnace sat to remove any dust, dirt, and other debris.
  6. Next, our team will bring in your new heating equipment and set it in its new place.
  7. Once the new furnace is fitted, the technicians will reconnect all fuel and electrical components.
  8. Afterward, a series of safety tests and system tests will be performed to ensure your new furnace is safe for you to use before leaving you to enjoy your newly warmed home.

Because the installation process is complex, homeowners should never endeavour to do it by themselves without the proper experience and certifications required to complete such work. Furnaces use gas and electricity to function, and if not installed correctly, you can put yourself at risk of suffering injuries such as electrocution and carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as starting a fire in your home. Therefore, rather than attempting this yourself, partner with a company like Francis Home Environment, which you can trust to get the job done right and safely.

A furnace is a type of heating system that employs a source of fuel like gas or oil to warm up either air or water that is then dispersed across a whole house or commercial building. Easy enough, right? Well, there is actually a bit more that occurs within the heating compartment that enables you to heat your entire home at the push of a button. As such, if you have ever wondered how exactly a furnace operates, the team at Francis Home Environment has outlined this process for you in more detail. Here is a closer look:

  1. The furnace receives fuel, which is triggered in the burner.
  2. The warmth from the fuel burning is transmitted to a heat exchanger, which isolates the hot gasses from the heated air.
  3. The heated air from the blower fan is then compelled over the heat exchanger.
  4. The warm air is then circulated through your home using your ductwork.
  5. When the preferred temperature is achieved, your thermostat in the furnace instructs the burner to turn off the blower fan. This, in turn, stops the fan from blowing warm air into your air ducts.
  6. The procedure is repeated again when the temperature decreases, and the thermostat alerts for further warmth.

As you can see, your home’s furnace is a complex piece of equipment that comprises numerous working parts that all function together to heat your home to your desired temperatures. If you have any other questions about how your home’s furnace operates, please do not hesitate to reach out to the team at Francis Home Environment for more information! We would be more than happy to provide you with any explanations you’re looking for!

The dimensions of the furnace you need are determined by several factors, such as your home’s square footage, insulating materials and their quality, weather, the number of doors and windows and the number of people who live in your household. A furnace should be able to provide 50 to 60 BTUs per sq foot of living area as a standard rule of thumb.

It should be noted that a furnace that is too small will be required to work even harder to warm your household, which can result in higher energy bills and reduced performance. A furnace that is excessively large, on the contrary hand, will cycle on and off regularly, reducing efficiency and causing wear and tear on your unit. Thus, leading to a premature breakdown.

It is also essential to consider the weather in your region, and it is suggested that you consult with an HVAC professional to figure out the best size furnace for your household. Luckily, when homeowners in Clarence, Ontario, choose to partner with the team at Francis Home Environment, they can rest assured knowing that our team will consider all of the factors and make the best recommendation for you based on the unique features of your home and your unique needs. As such, to find out more information about which furnace is right for your home, we suggest reaching out to the team at Francis Home Environment to book your initial consultation appointment.

Francis Home Environment is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! We don’t charge extra for work done after regular business hours, on weekends, or on holidays! Furthermore, if your heating system fails during a cold spell, our skilled HVAC technicians can install a brand-new unit the same day or the next day to meet your specific needs. Moreover, if you are interested in saving money on a completely new furnace, please contact us to find out further about our fantastic special offers and promos!

To speak with one of our friendly team members, please call or use our online booking system! All initial consultation appointments are complimentary! We are very excited to work with you!

A replacement of an old furnace will take somewhere around 4 and 8 hours to accomplish. The time required to take out an old furnace prior to actually installing a new one depends on the specifics of the job, such as the size and type of heating system being updated, in addition to any extra tasks that must be performed. For instance, if your ductwork is old and in need of replacement as well. Moreover, if our certified HVAC technicians run into any problems throughout the day, this estimated time frame is likely to fluctuate as well.

 As a result, when collaborating with the Francis Home Environment crew, we ensure that homeowners arrange their installation appointment on a day when they have no other commitments to ensure that their setup runs as smoothly as possible. Nonetheless, when collaborating with the Francis Home Environment team, property owners can rest assured that we will work quickly to make certain that they are able to return to their regular activities with minimum fuss.

If you have any extra questions about your upcoming heating system appointment, kindly do not hesitate to speak with one of Francis Home Environment’s pleasant and helpful team members. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and do not charge extra for work performed after hours, on weekends, or on holidays. We would be delighted to offer you additional support at any time!

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