Early Fall is the Best Time to Clean Your Ducts

Wondering whether or not you should have your ducts cleaned?

You’re not the only one. 

Most HVAC companies maintain that duct cleaning is an effective way to keep allergens down as well as increase the health of your home. However, there are a few other values to this service that don’t often get the spotlight.

For instance, people usually get their ducts cleaned because...

  • Their home is undergoing, or has recently undergone, renovation
  • Their home has a high volume of dander and hair (from pets and people alike)
  • Their home has had a run-in with mould or other contaminants
  • Their home requires a higher quality of air for health considerations

Or, because they simply prefer the peace of mind that comes with a good duct cleaning.

dirty vent next to a clean vent

However, there is one benefit to duct cleaning that a lot of folks neglect: furnace maintenance. For this reason, it’s best to have your ducts cleaned in the fall.

True Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Dirty, poorly maintained furnaces are inefficient, likely to break-down, and most critically: a safety hazard. The misconception with duct cleaning is that it increases the quality of your home's air by default. 

In reality, duct cleaning has a comprehensive effect on your home's entire air system, from air quality to temperature control. Duct cleaning relieves your furnace filter from being the sole line of defence to the high volume of dust, dander, and debris that all homes accumulate. 

Your furnace filter plays an essential role in the maintenance of your HVAC system by protecting it from dirt and other invasive matter. If your furnace filter fails to do the job (or you forget to change it), you could find yourself with a much higher energy bill. But...

That may be the least of your worries.

A dirty furnace could lead to:

  1. Overheating. If a furnace overheats, it could start a house fire. 
  2. Cracked heat exchanger. A cracked heat exchanger could potentially lead to a serious carbon monoxide leak.
  3. Poor air quality. Individuals with sensitive respiratory systems, such as infants, may experience higher rates of exposure to pathogens. 

When Duct Cleaning Comes In

So what’s the best way to keep your furnace/HVAC system clean? 

Get your ducts cleaned once the summer dust has settled, and before the furnace kicks it all back up again. This ensures that the dirt and grime won’t accumulate where it can’t be reached (and likely won’t be noticed).

Most folks don’t use their furnace throughout the warm months. As it lays dormant, dust begins to settle - atop all the grime that has already accumulated from last winter, while your furnace was active. 

When furnaces run, the intake sucks in as much dander, pet fur, dust, dirt, and what-have-you as there is in the home. Generally speaking, this debris isn't spat back out - that’s what the furnace filter is for. 

Having your ducts cleaned before the cold weather sets in not only prevents a build-up, it also negates your furnace putting in extra work to compensate for poor airflow. 

So Why Clean Your Ducts in the Fall?

Simply put, getting your ducts cleaned in the early fall - along with an annual furnace maintenance check - ensures that you’re set for seasonal success, year after year. 

To summarize, choosing the early fall for a duct cleaning will:

  1. Protect your furnace from breakdown.
  2. Maintain energy efficiency.
  3. Provide higher air quality and comfort through the cold season. 

Fact: humans shed our entire skin in about a month. That’s right; a month from now, you’ll have an entirely new skin!

So... where does all that dead skin go? 

Hopefully, into our vacuum bags. Book your duct cleaning today and get 20% off